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From Inspired To Inspirational

As someone who was insecure about their body, I understand what it means to not be the biggest fan of your own body. I understand what it means to finally know how to change it. We didn't have a choice in the body we received. But let me assure you that it can be changed for the better. Since young I have been fascinated about how our bodies work, and how it is affected by what we do.

Being in the military also taught me the importance of leadership and guidance for people to achieve their goals. It taught me the discipline needed to progress. It taught me that having influence is the greatest gift you can be given, and to create change is the most fulfilling thing that you can do.

In a society that values convenience, our health is becoming less of a priority. This blog was created in hopes that we can all come together and grow as people and as a society. To be able to understand how to create a better lifestyle for ourselves and the people around us. I hope we can all learn how to take control of our own health, to understand the basics of nutrition, exercise and creating a sustainable lifestyle.

This space is for learning and growing. Don't be afraid to embrace the change and learn from ourselves and others. Together we can go from inspired to inspirational.