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Insulin And Weight Loss

This blog post was written for us to understand how insulin will determine weight loss or weight gain.

For a long time now we have understood weight loss as eating as little as we can and trying to use as much energy as we can (calorie deficit). That might give us quick results for the short term due to our body reacting (in most cases anyways) but after a short while, some as short as 1-2 weeks, we begin to plateau or even put a little weight back on.

Calorie deficit will always be unsustainable for the long term as our bodies were made to need fuel from food. So the question is what is actually causing weight gain in our bodies, the answer is insulin. Let's dive a little deeper so we can understand how insulin is doing this to us.

Insulin is an anabolic hormone, meaning that it stores or gains energy. Anabolic means to build. So it makes sense that insulin would be one of the main causes of weight gain. When we eat food that turns into glucose for our bodies to absorb and use as energy, whether it be instant energy or stored for later, it is insulin's job to store it away either as fat or into muscles as energy to be used instantly. This happens to help keep our blood glucose levels in the right range. This is why insulin is known as an anabolic hormone, a storing hormone. The more we produce, the more we store.

In his book 'The Obesity Code', Dr Fung states that obese people secrete much more insulin than do those of normal weight. Another thing is that insulin levels of people with normal weight tend to return to normal levels after a meal. There is also a close association of fasting insulin levels being high and obesity.

Our body's mechanisms such as metabolism and and our body 'set weight' is all done through our body's hormones. Insulin is also known to have suppressing effects on our hormone leptin, which is a hormone that tells us we are full. We must know that obesity is a hormonal imbalance more than it is a calorie issue. Which means when it comes to eating to lose weight, we must not consider as much about how much food we are eating, we need to consider what this food can do to our hormonal production especially of insulin. That is the question we should ask.

Hope this helps our understanding when it comes to weight loss and what is actually causing it.