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Tips For The Festive Season

This blog was created for those who are interested in keeping up with their health and fitness as best they can over the festive season.

There are a few tips and tricks for us to implement that may help us to stay on track over this festive period. These tips are simple and can be applied in many ways, they are not meant to take any fun away from the festive season. These tips are only to help us stay on track with our health and fitness goals as much as possible while we enjoy the time with friends and family:

- Drink more water - this is very simple but forgotten due the all the parties and planning that can go into the festive season. Staying hydrated is very important as water is a great cleanse for the body. Especially if we are not eating as clean as we are usually, water can help cleanse our bodies of the toxins we put in. Also, water can temporarily make us full meaning that it can be used to help us not overeat when we are at parties. It is a little trick used by many to drink water before going to a party or gathering so they get fuller quicker when eating food. Keep ourselves hydrated over the festive season and it may help us keep in shape also.

- Add lemon in our water - this is another simple and easy thing to do. Lemon and lime affects our metabolism in a positive way as it speeds it up slightly. The effects are not dramatically great but anything that can help is of benefit. So as we fill up our bottle with water, be sure to add some lemon and lime to it also.

- Start with salads - before we dig into our meal, start with a little bit of salad as an appetizer. This helps fill a bit of space in our stomach before we dig into the mains. This tip is similar to water as it fills us up a little and can stop us from overeating. Also there are many benefits from eating whole natural foods that are involved in making a salad. Getting in vitamins and minerals in our bodies at this time is very beneficial with our bodily processes such as metabolism.

- Fasting - this is great for our bodies cells to cleanse and 'restart' daily. It improves our bodily functions and gives our cells a chance to recover and work more efficiently, such as digestion etc. Fasting has many great benefits and one of those is to transition to using fat as energy instead of glucose. Fasting for at least 12 hours is when the benefit kicks in. The longer the fast the better. This includes our sleep, meaning if our last meal was 7pm, our first meal should be 7am the next day or even later. When we fast it allows our body to declutter itself internally and function better and more efficiently. It also resets all our hormones such as insulin which can be of great benefit to our health and fitness goals.

- Choose low carb options - this can be a way to eat the dishes we love in a healthier manner. Instead of having pasta and spaghetti, we could substitute that for zucchini spaghetti. It might not sound the best, but once added in the pasta sauce and all the other ingredients, we might not even notice. Another option is to eat cauliflower rice instead of white or brown rice. These are some low carb options that we can change instead of these commonly eaten high carb foods.

These are some of the basic tips we can implement during the festive season to keep us on track. These tips are simple to follow and they are not meant to stop us from enjoying ourselves. A cheeky drink and some bad food is fine over this time. These tips are just here to help us not go overboard with the enjoyment and stay on track as much as possible.