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Under 1000 Calorie Diet: Good Or Bad

This blog post was created for those who are unsure of how much their caloric intake should be when it comes to trying to lose weight.

For many of us, we were brought up being taught that if we wanted to lose weight, all we have to do is stop eating so much. This is so ingrained into our minds that we find it hard to believe anything else and we keep trying to reduce and reduce how much we are eating. The more we reduce the amount we eat, the more unsustainable and unhappy we are. Our human bodies were not meant to starve, we were not built to eat so little everyday for the rest of our lives. Many people argue that fasting is supposed to be good for our bodies and weight loss. This is true (read Fasting Benefits here), however, fasting does not mean starving yourself and eating under 1000 calories. You still eat an appropriate amount of calories daily, you just eat it within a certain window of time.

What we need to understand is that food and nutrition is what our bodies NEED to function properly everyday. We need to supply ourselves with the nutrients and energy so that our functions can work according to the way they need to, and that includes weight loss. Weight loss is a function of the body, a function that isn't working correctly which is why we gain weight. We think that just because we eat less, we will burn more. It doesn't work like that. As I've stated before, our body needs food to function properly and for energy, so if we don't get enough calories, our bodies won't function properly to burn more calories. We won't spend money we don't have, same with our bodies, it won't spend the calories it doesn't get. Our bodies hold on and store what we are lacking so it can preserve living. Our metabolism will drop so we don't use more calories because we are not getting any. Our bodies are smarter than we are.

Instead of reducing calorie amount, we should always look at calorie type first. That is the most important thing we can do in terms of weight loss. Weight loss, as stated above, is a dysfunction of our body system, not the amount of food we eat. So, we just need to know the correct foods to be giving our bodies in order to begin the weight loss process. If we know what causes weight loss or weight gain, and what foods are the triggers of this, then we can slowly start to change way we eat instead of changing the amount we eat.

This blog was not meant to teach you exactly what foods cause weight and how weight gain is caused. But if you would like to know a little more in depth, I have written another blog post on that topic, Understand How Weight Loss Works.

It is my hopes that we all begin to treat our bodies with more love and respect instead of depriving it of what it needs the most, nourishment from proper nutrition. We can do a lot with our bodies and our bodies work in wonderful ways. In order to let our bodies thrive we need to understand that we can't live off such limited food and nutrition every single day forever. It just isn't how our bodies work, our bodily processes can't function properly if we don't eat. It is that simple. I hope we can start to feed ourselves with nutrient dense calories instead of empty calories*. I also hope that we are not afraid to eat, we just need to know what to eat. Once we do, we can confidently enjoy ourselves and give our bodies what we need.

*empty calories means calories that have no nutritional value.